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Big Business Big Responsibilities: extracts from the book

June 20, 2010

From the foreword: ‘Why we wrote this book’

“We have sought careers that enable us to live the values we believe in – not in the fringes of the economy, but in its mainstream. We wanted to experience big business and discover how sustainability would fair when merged with the desire to make money” 

“We wanted to put corporate responsibility to the test and understand what change we can affect by working inside business” 

“With more than thirty years between us in working to bring sustainability to life inside business, where do we stand on the responsibility of big business? Have we sold out, captured by the glamour of global corporations? Or have we become disillusioned, unable to create the change we were seeking? We stand in remarkably similar positions to where we started. Has big business changed for the better? Yes. Is the change going far enough? Not yet. And most importantly, what can we do about it? Continue to work with business to ensure that it creates, not destroys, value for society”

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